The Airports of Prague 2001 - 2005 - by Lubomír Dudácek this is the third hardback book in the three volume series dealing with the life and times of the Airports of Prague. As with the previous volumes, the book takes the form of a pictorial record documenting the planning, re-construction and development of Ruzyne Airport. The last four years have seen major developments at the airport, linked to the dramatic changes in the world of civil aviation following the events of September 11th 2001. The book further reflects the major changes that have taken place in Czech Civil Aviation from the viewpoint of the operators, the manufacturers and the government agencies and authorities in the last four years; notably the rise in low-cost “no frills” airlines, the Republic’s entry into the EU and international co-operation ranging from legal matters to air traffic control. As with the previous volumes the elements of airport life from the aircraft, their operators, the airport’s equipment, people and personalities are not neglected - from the construction sites to the completed buildings – from the humble “white van” to the mighty Antonov An-225 Mrija. Consisting of 248 pages with over 420 photographs, drawings and diagrams. The text is fully bi-lingual in Czech & English, dimensions as for volumes 1 and 2, height 286 mm width 217 mm.

The cost of this hardback book is £ 26.20, plus £ 0.60 post and packing

Special Offer – A limited number of protective holders are available – one for all three volumes – free of charge on request with your order - whilst stocks last.


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