The Praga AH-IV was known as the R-1 in Rumanian service, the version depicted here serving with a Rumanian Cavalry Division at the time of the invasion of Russia in June 1941. This vehicle is similar to that depicted on page 66 of the MBI book Praga Export Tankettes. The model is in 1/72 scale (being about 2" long !).  The hull is from the Attack kit - the road wheels & tracks were replaced with better items from other kits.  The turret & other details were scratch built.  The driver is an AB Figures British tank crewman -Rumanian tank-men also wore khaki with a black beret. The model has been entered in a few competitions during 2006/07 - Trucks & Tracks at Folkestone, the MAFVA show in London and Sword & Lance.
Model by Andy Lang

Photos by Robert Lockie

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